Saengil Chukkae My Beloved Choi Siwon :*

Yeayyyee, today is a special day for my special one Choi Siwon
HBD my beloved namja, you took my heart with your good heart, your great attitude and your smile *with dimples*

Actually, there are too many reasons why I love you so much till now, but the best reason is because You ARE You, NO OTHERS.

I can’t give anything for you because I believe you already have everything. Yeah, you can buy everything that you want even a helicopter or island.

I just can give you ‘best wishes’, I hope you’ll have a great day everyday, everytime and everyseconds in your life.

I also pray for your heart, I hope you’ll get married asap with the best yeoja that you love. A yeoja that can make you, your family, elf and especially siwonest be happy. *I hope, she is Im Yoona*

Chingudeul, please kindly give love and pray for uri superwon πŸ˜‰

#HappySiwonDay #Happy407 much love for you CHOI SIWON :*:*:*:*

*note : pic diatas bukan punya Reri tp Reri dapet dari twitternya @SiwonLover


About choireri

I'm not a writter, but I LIKE writing. Siwon is my priority bias and I like YoonWon + SeoKyu too ^^ author at CRFF

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  1. Pic diatas punya aku πŸ˜€ yang pas konstes doodle untuk siwon. πŸ˜€

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