Wonnie’s Support for Khunnie

Terharu banget pas baca tweet @Siwon407 barusan.

Netizen dan para media ‘lebay’ tolong baca tweet dari Wonnie, semoga dengan itu HATI dan PERASAAN kalian sebagai manusia bisa kembali.

A few days ago korean idol group 2PM member, Nichkhun was involved in a traffic accident, while drinking and driving which is an absolutely illegal action. To this point, Nickhun should regret and refrain from committing such actions ever again. I believe he is examining himself more because of this accident. Nickhun is a symbol of the Thai dream of success and has significance for both Korea and Thailand . Let us give him time to reflect from which he will emerge a better and reborn person. Thank you.

Yeah, this is the reason why I choose Siwon to be my primary bias. He is not only handsome but also kind, and wise.

He really cares for his dongsaeng and he gives the best support for Khunnie.

Khunnie you must see your hyung’s tweet!


In this world, so many people that always pray and give their best support for you with their own way.

We love you so much Khunnie, please be strong for us!



-Choi Reri-


About choireri

I'm not a writter, but I LIKE writing. Siwon is my priority bias and I like YoonWon + SeoKyu too ^^ author at CRFF

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  1. Wah, syukurlah wonppa dukung khunppa, semoga kasusnya cepat selesai #amin…… :-).

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