{full of abs} Sexy, Free and Single version b cover

oh my god…

I can’t take a breath…

why are they so sexyyy????

Siwon opppa, you know what…

you can kill me softly with your pose like that….

I want to jump in to the box and hug you tightly…

oppadeul terlihat sangat menggoda dan sexxyyy abissss….

*nelen ludah*



About choireri

I'm not a writter, but I LIKE writing. Siwon is my priority bias and I like YoonWon + SeoKyu too ^^ author at CRFF

Posted on July 13, 2012, in Info and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Wah, gak ada yg komentar disini ya eonnie? Kalau koment Kyo{aku} sih setuju sama Reri eonnie…..

  2. Oh ya eonnie Kyo mau tanya yg siwon oppa sebelah mana yg lain sebelah mana #plakk… Mian, kalau ngerepotin hehehehe…. #plakk.

  3. aigoo~ wonppa sexy amat …
    suami idaman –_–

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